College au where kaneki and tsukiyama are college roommates…

(on a budget) 

I wonder who calls me Cookie Monster...

no one. not a one. besides me anyway. i reserve full privilege. 


Light gets braces

i also feel like he would very much prefer that option

(idea came from this lovely headcanon blog that you should check out!)

Tell me I’m gorgeous

a cranefly decided to take a bath in my noodles…

a cranefly decided to take a bath in my noodles…

Light gets braces

bara =/= muscles



furry bara time (x) (x)

15 Things that make you happy
tagged by Lewliat
Not in any particular order
1. New school supplies in bulk
2. Rain
3. Really nasty storms/thunderstorms
4. Finding rubber bands
5. Gardening
6. Rats
7. Animation
8. Books that are good enough to reread
9. Wearin a cute outfit~
10. Spanish
11. Chemistry
12. The smell of piroshkis
13. Going to the forest
14. Sushi, especially mashikos in the junction
Im tagging zombiezeppelin, crystal-doll, and machop-suey!!